Everywhere I have been lately seems to be plastered in pink, am I the only one who’s noticed this?!

Growing up I was always the tomboy who wouldn’t have tolerated being dressed in pink, let alone have a pink bedroom or accessories. How times have changed – I want EVERYTHING pink. Walls, bathroom, clothes, shoes, flowers, pots, plates – EVERYTHING. (Somehow I don’t think I’d get away with a pink bathroom in our home but it’s nice to dream!)

Even Abigail Ahern who specialise in intoxicating dark glam inky interiors and decor have embraced dusty pink hues. I was recently gifted this beautiful little jug (image above) from the Abigail Ahern Heal’s concession and I just love it. Throw in a single faux stem and it’s good to go. It looks great on our Urban Outfitters wall grid.

Oliver Bonas have some new adorable affordable prints. These two are particularly cute featuring a pink heart with a gold foil edge and gold foil words with a pink edge.



Tate Britain have continued the trend into David Hockney’s current exhibition which, by the way, was fantastic! Definitely recommend seeing it before it’s gone forever. It was so great to see a mix of all his work from the past 60 years in one place – plus all of the colours are AMAZING!


Check out my Pinterest board for more pink inspiration!

Image on Pinterest


P.S. This is that DREAM I mentioned earlier!



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