Spring is almost upon us which means only one thing – holiday booking season!

I, for one, can’t wait to get a weeks sunshine at some point on this beautiful island. There is just something so luxuriously casual about it. If you haven’t already been, here’s 5 reasons you should give it a go:

1. (Reasonable) Luxury hotels!

For the past two years, we have stayed at the Semeli Hotel for a week each time. It’s a beautiful ultra modern boutique on the edge of Mykonos Town. The staff are amazing, they can’t do enough for you – they even remember our lunch orders from previous years (club sandwich and a ham toast and tea to be exact). I noticed last year they had lined the pathways with giant cacti which I was absolutely obsessed with (giving me inspiration for our long hallway at home!).



2. Boutique Shopping & Independent Galleries!

The shops in Mykonos Town are literally to die for! It has all the usual high end stores, Chanel, Gucci etc. but there are two little independent stores that do it for me. One is called Panama Hats, it’s in the heart of Mykonos Town and does exactly what it says on the tin – hats! It’s run by a lovely man called Takis. His parents had bought the shop in the 1950’s when they first married and he has continued their legacy alongside his wife and daughter. Ryan bought a gorgeous hat that I’m still incredibly jealous of (great excuse to go back though!). The other store is called Salt Boutique. It’s a amazing little gem in the heart of the arty end of town. I would stare longingly in their window display every evening before dinner at all of the glittery goods. Ryan surprised me on our last day in October with the most beautiful Mykonian handmade clutch box – it is simply PERFECT!



3. Crazy streets, sunsets and windmills!

If you ever fancied yourself a pirate, here is the perfect place for you. There is an old port at one end, which still features some original architecture, and giant Windmills dating back to the 16th century at the other. Sunset is the busiest time as the windmills face west, they glow orange for a good half an hour every evening and it can be seen through the gaps in their streets for miles.


Only the brave venture out in heels, if the cobbles don’t get you, the maze will! The streets are literally designed for people to get lost in, supposedly originally a tactic used by locals to confuse pirates. Today they are beautifully lined by quirky homes and stunning stores and art galleries. One evening on our first visit, we decided to go out a little earlier than normal to explore. We got so lost that we ended up going in the same circles for what felt like a hundred times IN HEELS – lesson learnt! After a few evenings, we managed to get the hang of it but I’m sure we’ll manage to get lost again this year!


4. Beautiful beaches!

It’s cliché to say Mykonos has beautiful beaches but it has to be said because it simply does have beautiful beaches. Mykonos Town in located approx. 10 minutes by car to the nearest sandy tourist beaches. In peak season there are plenty of cabs flying around but in early October we hire a car (approx. £20-£30 per day). What’s great about going that time of year is the prices have all dropped and there is literally no one else on the road.


If you have time, make sure you go further afield to beaches the locals go to. Fokos beach is stunning and at that time of year it’s completely deserted making it great for exploring and for being nosey at all the incredible holiday homes up in the hills (spy one in the below image).


5. Restaurants & Bars!

Who knew Mykonos would be my cuisine of choice (if that’s even a thing?!) Their speciality is seafood linguine, all freshly plucked from the sea with fresh pasta. I proceeded to eat this dish EVERY SINGLE EVENING the first year we went. It was an incredible carb fest of a week.

We stumbled across Avra (image below) by fluke in the arty part of town, tucked down inbetween two large buildings. It sits in a beautiful courtyard surrounded by immense overgrown trees, flowers, and lanterns. The food is amazing. We have since been back and I promise I did try a new dish this time – still AMAZING.

FullSizeRender (002)

They say Mykonos is the new Ibiza. I’ve never been in peak season but you can still feel the buzz of nightlife in early October. Although, it’s far more sophisticated and the cocktails and service are on another level. Check out Vicolo Bar, you can sit right on the edge of the port and watch the boats roll in.



This piano staircase with plant pots is SO cute!

No doubt you’ll find me up there sometime in October with a cocktail in hand, see you there!


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