I’ve been feeling blue lately, stormy blue to be exact.

I recently found myself browsing in Heal’s on Tottenham Court Road and there it was, underneath all the mirrors and beautiful accessories – the PERFECT blue! Not too navy, not too bright, not too light, it was the perfect mixture of dark blue with grey tones throughout.

Since we have almost finished the kitchen end of our living space, we realised we have been totally neglecting the end we use most – the sofa area.



We had our gorgeous extra large (3.45m)  sofa custom made by a local interiors shop on Upper St in Islington called Aria. It was an expensive purchase but one we knew we had to get right as it would dominate the entire end of the room. We must have sat on the sample sofa in store a thousand times before ordering it but it was worth it, it’s exactly what we were looking for. They have so many different options in all shapes and sizes and a great choice of fabrics to choose from. The sofa looks gorgeous but kind of sinks into our overpowering white walls.


We made a snap decision this week to try and make this end of the room our maximalist area. For those that are new to maximalism (as I am) it’s all about being completely over-the-top with crazy prints and colours – stormy greys, swampy greens, inky blues and blacks. I am terrified of patterns on walls, but we are embracing the dark side and incorporating bold colour to this end of the room only.



After careful research (and a million samples later) I narrowed it down to two Farrow and Ball colours – Stiffkey Blue and Hague Blue. Both very different colours but both just as beautiful as each other. We painted sample patches in different areas to see what they looked like in different lighting throughout the day. Hague Blue scooped it! It has a beautifully traditional feel to it but looks ultra modern against the Ammonite and Brilliant White.



The plan is to incorporate some kind of GIANT brass round mirror and a faux living wall on the same side as our Samsung Serif TV (free standing beautiful object – although not for everyone!) I’ve found great inspiration in the Conran Shop (who do living walls like no one else) the trick is to paint the planters the same colour as the wall to give the illusion the plants are growing from nowhere.



I’ve planned a print wall for behind the sofa. Ikea have a great range of picture ledge shelves from £4.50. A picture ledge shelf is a great option if you don’t want to commit to putting up one piece of art work or if you’re worried about putting that nail in the wrong place. Plus galleries of prints will always be on trend.


Let me know your thoughts on the blue. Too much, not enough, or just right?

I’m hoping for too much 😉






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