The dining table was quite possibly the hardest thing EVER to find. We had seen a lot of gorgeous tables in various stores (we literally went into EVERY major department store/local furniture shop, and looked at tons of online retailers) but nothing really jumped out at us.

It was the first thing we had set out to buy when the apartment had been re-decorated. We had an image of exactly how we wanted it to look – reclaimed wood, a bench one side and two or three chairs the other – how difficult could that be to find? It was near impossible – we were SO naive! But on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Summer 2016, we were in Tottenham Court Road browsing for beautiful things that we didn’t need or have room for (as always) and we popped into Lombok (a COMPLETELY random thing to do as we had literally never been in there before!). We had a sit down on one of their benches admiring their amazing show room. We didn’t realise it at the time – we were sitting at THE table. The MOST BEAUTIFUL, perfect-in-every-way, table for our new living space.

We immediately bought it (approx. 8 week lead time if I remember rightly) along with one bench. We didn’t love the chairs that Lombok suggested we buy with the table so we made the choice to shop around elsewhere for them.

IMG_7566.jpgI originally had planned wire basket chairs (with draped sheepskin rugs of course) from Cult Furniture, which we got round to buying a couple of months later when the table arrived. The chairs were beautiful in their own way but they were polished aluminium and our table is brushed stainless steel and the two just didn’t feel right together so the chairs had to go.

FullSizeRenderWe were dying to have people up to visit but had no where for them to sit. In the end, we opted for another bench from Lombok. It just made sense. Looking back now, I see no other option. Plus we can squeeze a lot more people in now which is so great.

FullSizeRenderLombok also do a matching stool in this range (now on sale £75 from £195 each!) so we may have to invest in a couple of those for each end, but for now we are still totally in love with this look.




FullSizeRenderWould you have gone for two benches, a bench and chairs, or just chairs, OR something completely different? I would love to know your thoughts… 🙂




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