As you can see from my Instagram and previous blog posts we are officially re-sprucing the flat in time for the coming summer months. There’s something so nice about having a clear out and a refresh at this time of year.

Last weekend, I decided to do two things… My blog theme wasn’t quite working for me so I went in search of a new design. I think this one works SO much better and seems to be much more user friendly (let me know what you think!).


The second thing I decided to do was to re-decorate the bedroom. Since I’ve lived here the bedroom has always been white – white walls, off-white wardrobe, white drawers, white mirror blah blah blah. As much as I love a crisp white bedroom there’s something quite exciting about having a cosy dark room to chill out in.


The bedroom was the easiest space (in my mind) to figure out. It’s not huge and you only really need a bed, a wardrobe and a mirror of some sort, a some great wall art, don’t you?!?! We already had a pre-existing built in wardrobe, and some temporary Ikea drawers I picked up the day I moved in, but my aim was to minimize the furniture to create as much space as possible on the floor of the room. Ever heard of the phrase ‘working the corner’? …Me neither… This was the advice given to us about recreating our ideal wardrobe and I’m SO glad we listened. We opted for a floor-to-ceiling corner unit, with four doors. Two with a push open/close mechanism and two middle doors which has a tiny (barely noticeable) chrome handle – simple design but creates HUGE amounts of storage and completely blends into the walls as if it has always been there. We managed to ditch the Ikea drawers as everything now fits in here which is ultimately what we were after.

Wardrobe demolition
The re-model
Check out Ikea for AMAZING storage boxes for your wardrobe – label them up and never lose anything EVER AGAIN!

We went for a super king size Tempur bed and mattress as the colours worked so well, and the mattress (aptly named the ‘cloud’) is an absolute DREAM (disclaimer: this bed is almost TOO comfy. If you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning – DO NOT go for one of these!) Still to this day, one of my favourite spots in the whole apartment is sitting between the two fluffy White Company cushions with a blanket and cup of tea watching the world go by outside.


We put the back board behind the bed a few months ago. It’s a great option if you want to achieve low lighting without having a table or floor lamp – again, a space saver and ZERO wires!! Saying that, I fell in love with the two gold lamps from Heals which sit on our bedside tables. So now we have three great options for lighting this space which ticks all the boxes for me.

We stumbled across the bedside tables in Habitat – they are so well made, very simple in design, and had a great price – no brainer!

As far as the decorating goes, we Farrow and Balled our long wall opposite the bed in Hague Blue to complement our sofa area in the next room – we’ve still got a couple of coats to go on that so as soon as it’s finished it will be up on my Instagram.

Behind the bed I’m exploring different materials, tiles, wallpapers – everything really – to add some interest up there. Keep you posted on that one. We’re looking into designing a floating walnut shelf/cupboard combo as kind of a dressing table/decorative area and I’m on the hunt for a HUGE decorative mirror to go above it.

What do you think so far? What would you put above the bed? Find me on Instagram @sophieelizabethpond – let’s chat.


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