I set myself a challenge this month of picking up a hand full of “affordable” homeware items to add to our home and to share with you. Let me just say – it’s easier said than done! The term affordable doesn’t necessarily mean cheap. I realise I could pick up any old thing, shove it in my home, take a photo of it, and put it on here for all to see but as a decor junkie and home-bird (I don’t get out much) I have to completely buy into a brand. It has to make me feel good every time I look at it and it has to reflect my personality in some way for it to even make the cut. So everything you see here has been thought about, and thought about again, and quite possibly thought about again before it even gets into the basket.

Here’s a few things I’ve picked up in the last couple of weeks;


As a packaging geek I freaked over these beautiful candles from H&M Home. They look amazing, smell amazing, and their price is amazing! I went for the Mahogany and the Green Tea & Bergamot in large as they have 50 hours burning time (£12.99 each). They also do a smaller size (approx. 15 hours burning time) which is £3.99.


I’ve been looking for cushion covers for a while. Cushion covers are my least favourite thing to buy – I have trouble choosing patterns and colours and become quite overwhelmed with how much choice there is out there. I know you can say that about anything but seriously, cushion covers – ugh! What I love about these ones above are the feel of them. They are from H&M Home, 100% linen and come in tons of colours. The best part – £8.99 each. Great option if you’re completely indecisive like me and want to change them every 2 months!


I picked up these adorably cute bowls from West Elm in the sale. They do SO many similar ones that are in store now. Prices start from £5 and they still have a sale on – go! go! go!


I had to have this pretty little spotty bowl from H&M Home. Habitat do a similar tableware range at the moment which I’m a tad obsessed with! I thought this one would look sweet on my walnut dressing table (when I get one!). H&M Home Hand-painted stoneware bowl, £6.99.


I’ve been trying to add patterns to my everyday life but it’s something I find very difficult. Naturally I’m drawn to very plain, VERY grey/white/black things so to find a throw that combats my fear of patterns but doesn’t break the bank was a challenge. I came across this cute geometric throw in Homesense at the weekend. It’s very pale mint green and off white (not the bold colour I intended to find) but I love how subtle it is. It fits in perfectly with our blue walls/grey sofa combo. It’s my favourite purchase this month and only £19.99. An absolute bargain. They have SO many different options to check out.


I’m OBSESSED with faux flowers and plants. One of my favourite places to go to is the Heal’s Abigail Ahern concession in Tottenham Court Road. I have a few luxury stems from there but realistically, for me, it’s out of my price range so I decided to go for Ikea’s artificial plants. They really are amazing. Ikea has a HUGE range – something to suit every type of home. They look great in planters separately or all mixed in together. Prices start from £3.


I am just a bit in love with these milk bottles from Ikea. They look great with wild flowers stems in them or OJ on a Saturday morning. SO CUTE and only £1 each!


Finally, I picked up this planter in a local boutique on Cross Street in Islington. The shop is called Search & Rescue – definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area. I picked this up for £24.95 and popped a faux Ikea plant in which I think it looks great.

I thought I might make this “home haul” thing a regular blog post on the last Wednesday of every month – let me know if it’s something you’d like to see more of? 🙂


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