While writing this I’m currently laying on the sofa with a post-Easter sugar hangover. Please excuse my late posting.

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about colour. This time of year people are looking to refresh and redecorate their homes. Pastel colours tend to pop into most peoples minds (I guess it’s to do with all of the gorgeous flowers that have finally bloomed!) Not too long ago this would have been me too! There’s nothing better than giving your home a good lick of fresh paint in the Spring. However, lately my obsession with dark hues has taken over. I have officially converted to the dark side.

I’ve always loved the idea of a minimalist Scandi-inspired home and this is still in the forefront of my mind. But what if you could have a minimalist home full of maximalist colours and decor? A crazy thought I know but one I am attempting right now.

My obsession with Abigail Ahern continues as does my obsession with Skandium. I’m fed up of having to define my space and style. People see my kitchen and say “oh, so you’re a minimalist?” No I’m not. I just like having everything away because it makes me feel good (and so no one can see all my mess) and I enjoy having a bright white kitchen that reflects all of the light. Then someone else will see my living room or bedroom – “Oh, you like dark colours…in your home?!?! – that’s, erm, interesting!” It scares some people. I get it. But I enjoy having a cosy living space filled with dark hues, throws, and candles.

It’s funny because I follow so many amazing people on Instagram who are embracing the whole maximalist thing with dark paint, bold decor and artwork who would despise the Scandi-style. Equally, I follow some incredibly inspiring people who are extremely minimalist and would freak at the sight of an inky blue black room. It’s rare to find somebody else who accepts and recognises both. But I don’t understand why it has to be either/or. Homes are complex, just like people. I like to think my home reflects my personality.

For someone like me (and maybe like you to) who enjoys and appreciates both sides of this style, my mission is to create a home that embraces a good mix of both. My next step is to attempt a bold mossy dark green in the hallway while keeping a light grey and white library/gallery wall. Not too sure how that ones going to turn out but I’ll keep you posted along the way. Wish me luck!

What are your thoughts on minimalist vs maximalist? Do you prefer one more than the other? Would love to know your thoughts!




  1. I love this post! I live in Helsinki so Scandi decor is a true lifestyle for me.

    I started out painting our kitchen cupboards black about 7 yrs ago it evolved into a heavy dose of black and very dark paint through out during the renovation of our flat.
    Apparently that was shocking. When we had… well even now when we have new people over they come in and are very complimentary to our flat. They always remark how lovely it is and how comfortable they feel right away.
    We have an open floor plan (which helps with the flow of the dark color and keeps it airy) so after a bit with new guests someone will comment…. ‘I just realized you have a BLACK kitchen!’ And I say… well yes, actually our whole flat is!

    I pair all this black up with color. I love color and I am a naturalist so I think in terms of what’s going on outside. Spring time I pull lots of bright greens with all the black. Summer I infuse a good dose of geranium red in with the green. Autumn I bring out mustard yellow and Winter is berry red.

    I feel I am neither a minimalist or a maximumist or if my style makes me a modernist or a traditionalist…. labels so over it!!!! I just do what feel good to me.

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    1. Hi Tracie! Your home sounds beautiful – I’m all for bringing the outside in and love pulling in colour through flowers and plants. Totally agree – it’s all about what makes you feel good and surrounding yourself with the things you love. Thank you so much for sharing! X

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