It not just the wisteria that’s blossomed this spring –  my obsession with houses (and homes in London to be exact) has officially bloomed. I’ve been glued to my Instagram watching all the incredible feeds upload daily doses of gorgeous homes in London and beyond. Of course there are wonderful homes all over the world but, in my opinion, nothing beats a good old London house with all it’s history and character, even down to the brickwork, checkerboard stoops, disused chimneys and basements.

This obsession started when I followed The Front Door Project on Instagram last year. They share stunning homes on the East Coast of America, featuring a small piece of history to go along with each one. While I love the brief history lesson, I’m simply obsessed with the architecture and design of the buildings. I always imagine what the space is like behind the bright door and beautiful bricks – does the owner’s interior match the quirky frontage? Are they traditionalists? Are they modernists? Is it a mixture? What’s the staircase like? What’s their colour scheme? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do they have? – I know. I’m nuts! But I do this. ALL. THE. TIME.

Doors are always an interesting subject because you simply don’t know what’s behind them and you never will. This might be something you’ve never thought about before, or if you have it may frustrate you, but not me. It makes me imagine how I would have it if it were mine, what would I do differently? What colour scheme would I have? What would I do to make this house a home?

This year I’m planning on snapping as many of my dream homes as possible to inspire me for the day when I can eventually own a front door of my own. I can’t promise I’ll know the history behind the places I’ll come across but if I can find out – sharing is a no brainer!

What does your dream home look like?


I’ll be sharing my favourites over on Instagram using #ECdreamhomes and #thefrontdoorproject 🙂



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