Last week, I managed to swing an invite to the press event of Swoon Editions very first pop-up showroom at the incredible OXO Tower. I have been obsessed with this brand for a little over a year now so having the privilege of seeing their new collection in real life was so amazing!

Their mission is simple ‘to make every home remarkable’. As a brand they are constantly evolving, they move with trends more so than seasons as other furniture companies do. While some companies work on a new item for 12 months, Swoon can typically design, source, and manufacture within 8-12 weeks. That’s not to say that their goods are rushed. Their design philosophy is to make furniture and decor that is always distinctive, tactile, and designed for real life meaning their sofas are super comfy yet look totally luxurious. But above all, they value craftsmanship which ensures every detail is always on point.

Everything is ethically sourced from the velvet in Italy to the rugs in India. I just LOVE this brand. I’m already browsing their chairs as we speak!

Here’s a sneak peak at the showroom;


Check out their pop-up showroom at the OXO Tower, ends 21st May!


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